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Find out your level

Our student's first step is to do the Alexian Brothers Proficiency Assessment.

It is your result in this test that will É através do resultado obtido no teste que nossa plataforma adaptativa selecionará os exercícios e atividades que são ideais para você!


Choose the Units of your interest

On Alexian Brothers Online, you are free to choose the topics you want to study. Business, health, education, entertainment, technology, oil and gas, culture, environment, economy, sports, travel, world news, among many others are available!

You can choose up to the three Units freely.

Follow your Study Plan

Practice makes perfect. That's why our students receive a Study Plan.

The Study Plan is a detailed and flexible program of daily practices to be easily incorporated to your daily routine in order to ensure your success as a student.



Take part in the online classes!

You have can online classes 24/7. You just need to click on "Live Classes" and chosse the one you wish to enter - the themes of the classes are as diverse as the Units themselves!

In these group sessions monitored by certified teachers, you can interact with students from all over the world and practice English in a comfortable and safe environment.


Follow your progress

On Alexian Brothers Online, you are always aware of what you learn! At the end of each activity, you can see a report of your performance in the different English skills (writing, reading, and writing).

You are evaluated at the end of each live session, by getting feedback from your teachers, and when you finish a Unit, you do an assessment to see how much you have learned!



Advance a level every three months

If you are in a hurry to learn or wish to obtain a certification in a short amount of time, we can help you.

Every three months, students can take a new test to see if they are ready to go to the next level.

This Proficiency Assessment will evaluate all the knowledge acquired by you in your studies, so you better be prepared!


Up-to-date exercises

Our library of exercises is updated periodically with activities created from distinguised news websites.

This way you can practice English while keep up with what is happening in the world.