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F. A. Q.


  • How can I pay?

    We take credit card and online debit.

  • How do I cancel my free trial?

    Send an email to before the end of the seven-day free trial period to cancel the course without any extra cost.


  • What will I learn?

    On the Alexian Brothers Online Course, the students have access to a wide range of multimedia content that allows them to work the four skills (conversation, listening, writing, and reading) of the English language through dynamic and diverse exercises suitable to their preferences and objectives. Besides, with our grammar guide, word bank, and pronunciation practice the students have the best tools to practice their English.

  • What is included in my Plan?

    Alexian Brothers Online works with different course plans: Silver, Platinum, Offshore and For Your Company. In all of them, students have unlimited access to group sessions of live class, a library of over 5,000 virtual personalized exercises with authentic and thematic multimedia content, word bank, pronunciation practice, and grammar guide. Besides, students can also learn while enjoying some original series. Some plans have specific offers, prices, and features to better meet students' needs so talk to us to find out what plan is the ideal for you.

  • How do I know if I am really learning?

    On Alexian Brothers Online, the students are always aware of their progress. It is possible to check your Performance, in which thorough reports are generated instantly showing how many words you have learned, the activities you have done, how much time you have spent online, your grades, among other relevant information.


  • Which are the compatible Operating Systems?

    Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 | Mac -- OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, Capitan, Sierra.

  • Which Browsers are compatible?

    Chrome: 14.0+ | Firefox: 13.0+ | Safari: 5.0+ | Internet Explorer: IE9+

  • Can I study offline?

    Yes. You only need to download the Units and enjoy them without the need of an Internet connection. Your performance is recorded and uploaded the next time you go online.