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Portuguese for Foreigners
Connecting cultures
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Portuguese for Foreigners
Connecting cultures
  • Exclusive content

  • 48 private classes

  • Access to Live Workshops

  • Native APP for Android and iOS

Communication for professional environments;
Communication for socialization purposes;
Communication for entertainment and travel;
Drafting of documents in general
Target Audience
Foreigners who are interested in learning about the Portuguese culture and language, as well as foreigners who already reside in Brazil and have little availability to learn and improve the language through face-to-face classes
Allow the student to communicate, thus facilitating the socialization process in countries that speak the Portuguese language;
Provide classes that are efficient, enjoyable, personalized, and enriching.

The Portuguese Course for Foreigners is especially aimed at foreigners with special needs in terms of speed and efficiency in learning. Our course is flexible, fast, simple and objective. Portuguese for foreigners is taught through online classes, being individual and in groups with the purpose of improving the development of skills of all students using the resources of conversation, writing and reading. Class schedules are flexible and students can take classes from the comfort of their home, workplace, hotel, cafe, or anywhere they feel comfortable learning.


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Greetings and goodbyes

The student of this unit will get in touch with the most usual forms of greetings among native speakers of Portuguese

Verb to be

In this unit the student will be able to understand the differences between the verbs, as well as exercise their use.


In this unit the student will have access to information and descriptions of some places that are part of the routine of Brazilians.

Leisure activities

In this unit the student will have contact with the habits and leisure places preferred by Brazilians

Describing people

In this unit the student will learn concepts and characteristics to describe people in general.

The health

In this unit we will show the concept of health, as well as everyday approaches and differentiation of services provided in Brazil.

Talking about the past

In this chapter we will introduce the use of the past tense with different stories.

The city

In this unit we will learn and practice some daily routines in the city!

Stories from the past

In this unit we will introduce the imperfect with texts of varied subjects.