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Oil & Gas
English for Offshore
US$ 99,90


Oil & Gas
English for Offshore
  • Course with unlimited access.

  • Exclusive English for Offshore Course

  • Exclusive teaching material from our language center

  • Unlimited group classes

  • 48 private lessons

  • Native application for Android or iOS

Curriculum aimed at the English language used in the Oil & Gas area;
Communication strategies and specific lingo for the Offshore environment;
Fluency of the language in all the four skills in a practical, fast, and effective way;
Target Audience
All the workers currently operating or that wish to work in the Oil & Gas field, who need to be fluent in English in order to perform their duties, socialize with colleagues from several nationalities, and/or improve their professional qualifications;
Provide our students a friendly, encouraging, and interactive environment to practice and learn the English language;

We offer this course especially for those who work offshore in the oil and gas industry. It provides unlimited group sessions, as well as provides the option to purchase individual class sessions with an instructor. And also includes curriculum geared to the specific lingo of the oil and gas industry.
This is the English class for you if you are working in the oil and gas field or plan to do so and you need to be fluent in the English language to be able to accomplish your duties, as well as enjoy socializing with your fellow workers. This class offers 24/7 access, live classes every half hour, and the ability to practice your pronunciation, and get a personalized class experience.
Oil and Gas English for Offshore I and II both include exclusive content from our language center, which was developed after much research that we did in the US to put this class together for your benefit.


Show 10 Chapters

Working on a vessel

You'll learn how to give and follow instructions offshore and the vocabulary to talk about locations on the vessel

My onshore and offshore routine

What's your routine like? Learn how to talk about your routine onshore and offshore

My work Tools

What tools do you use to work? Let's talk about possession and learn new words to describe people!

Safety at work

In this chapter, let's talk about a very important topic: how to be safe in your workplace

Things to do on the FPSO vessel

In every job, people need to have ability and also know their obligations. Here, you'll study how to talk about the things you can do and the things you have to do

Talking about work

Learn how to describe people you work and live with, the weather and equipment in this chapter

Emergencies at work

Safety is very important in our workplace. Learn how to give and follow emergency procedures. You'll also learn how to talk about physical problems and how to make medical appointments!

Reporting work events

You will learn how to report weather conditions and how to talk about past work events

Occupations on the vessel

What does each person have to do in their jobs? In this chapter, let's talk about the routines of different occupations offshore, and also how to give and ask for directions onshore and offshore.

Plans & intentions

What are you going to do next? This time, we are going to learn how to plan actions in your work and how to express intention