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A complete and exclusive experience.
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A complete and exclusive experience.
  • Learn with live classes, diverse themes and exclusive content

Curriculum aimed at the English language for your personal and professional interests;
Communication strategies and specific lingo for different social contexts;
Fluency of the language in all the four skills in a practical, fast, and effective way;
Target Audience
Everyone who wants to learn english for work, traveling and social interactions with people from all around the world and/or improve your professional curriculum in a inovative and customized way.
Provide our students a friendly, encouraging, and interactive environment to practice and learn the English language;

The plan gives acess to the English course for 1 year

Unlimited group live classes.

4 private live class per month.

Acess to our thematic catalog

Additional Spanish course

Exclusive content for a complete learning


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Arts & Culture

Build your vocabulary related to literature, learn to describe a famous painting, or discuss an artistic style.


Build your business intelligence learning about everything from entrepreneurs, startups and new markets to funding, conferences, and investing.


Want to get smarter about your finances? In this unit, learn about bank accounts, saving money, every day transactions, and much more.

Social Media

Do you use Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? If yes, then this unit is perfect for you. Social media is changing the way we communicate and this unit will help you do so in English. Read about tweets, status updates, news feeds, and many more social media features. Stay on top of social media news and trends.


From the coolest gadgets to the newest digital trends, you'll stay up to date on all things tech with this unit.

World News

Read and understand texts, documents, images, and recordings relating to world news and current events including topics related to international headlines, politics, business, travel, science, health, entertainment, sports, and more. Become familiar with current events vocabulary and topics.


Learn English with activities about Running, Martial Arts, Biking and much more

Dog training

In this unit we will teach you everything you need to maintain proper hygiene for your dog and we will give you useful advice on training


Learn English with practical real life issues, in this unit we will talk about the challenge of raising and educating our children and we will offer you tips to understand them better

Health & Wellness

In this unit you will learn to use specific vocabulary for the health area. Activities for health professionals to improve their English proficiency

Business School

Tips and recommendations for those who are studying in business school. Ways of writing, how to choose a good business school and much more